White Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit (6.5 litres)

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White Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit (6.5 litres)

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With this Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit ‘Starter Kit’ you’ll receive:

  • 1 white residential sanitary unit, and
  • 2 ‘complimentary’ white sanitary waste inner cartridges.

Get 6 extra cartridges for $57.00

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This ‘free-standing’ Residential Sanitary Unit has a capacity of 6.5 litres. It is biodegradable, has a lovely fresh scent and includes antimicrobial additives that protect the user.

Note: The listed price does not include shipping costs, please select the ‘shipping’ you require.  Also our residential ‘Sanitary Waste Units’ are currently only sold in New Zealand.

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6.5 Litres


450mm x 160mm x 160mm

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