What makes this sanitary system so unique?

No other Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit offers so much. Our unit has a streamlined design, a uniquely biodegradable and disposable ‘lid and inner cartridge’ system and offers a range of retrofit options to deliver a solution that is perfect for your requirements.

What makes it so gentle on the environment?

We have considered the environment in every aspect of our Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit, making it the responsible green choice for both commercial and residential usage.

Discover the world's most safe and simplistic Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit

Lets take a closer look at the components that make up this unique Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit, as well as explore the components that can be retrofitted to the Unit at any stage.

Simply the smartest Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit on the market


Our free-standing option offers a fast and simple installation solution.


Our wall-mounted option offers a space saving solution that looks great and is easy to install.


Our self-deodorising and antibacterial disposal lid and inner cartridges make the system safe and customer friendly.

Minimal contact

Our minimal-contact system was designed to protect both customers and service providers.

Biodegradable plastics

Our Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit uses biodegradable plastic additives with deodorising chemicals that are safe and friendly for the environment.

Disposable cartridges

Our unique disposable lid and inner cartridge system, makes for a safer, cleaner and faster change solution.

Gentle on the Environment

Our design team have successfully considered how to reduce the environmental impact of this unique Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit. Proudly making it the responsible green choice for both commercial and residential customers.

Our Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit is perfect for all types of businesses including...

Petrol Stations
I would like to say that we have had wonderful service from the TerraCyclic team. If they were unsure of what I ordered, they were straight on the phone to sort this out. We have always received our orders promptly.

- Bronwyn Wright


We introduced the TerraCyclic range to our product portfolio a number of years ago, as it complimented our offer perfectly. It’s been a great addition and well accepted by our Distribution Network and End User Customers. Chris & the team have been great to deal with and we look forward to a long and mutually successful association.

- Peter Feehan

ESG Asia Pacific

Our customers love the product. It is definitely one of the best fem care bins we have added to our range in a very long time. I can’t say enough how well it’s tailored to the needs of the industry.

- Bruno Ianna

Piazza bvba

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