Making sanitary waste disposal more efficient for service providers

Our Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit is primarily a commercial product. It has been designed to help commercial cleaners, hygiene specialists, service companies, distributors of cleaning products and DIY operators to provide an easier sanitary waste solution to handle, change and clean. Helping staff to avoid the heavy lifting associated with older bulky systems. It also offers a clean and environmentally friendly option for your existing customers.

Why should you change your current system?

Old bulky systems are heavy and difficult to change. With either full bin replacement or liner exchange with onsite washing. Our system doesn’t have any of these issues. Simply ‘remove’ the used ‘lid and liner cartridge’ and ‘replace’ with a new one, it’s that easy!

  • a system that never needs to be re-installed,
  • a system where you simply change the ‘lid and liner cartridge’,
  • a system that needs no heavy lifting,
  • a system that is simple, fresh and super smart!

A system that never needs to be cleaned?

Our innovative Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit has been designed so that they no longer need to be cleaned! Unlike older bulky systems, our system offers a uniquely disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’, one that is simple to change and therefore requires no cleaning at all.

  • a system that is fresh and super easy to maintain,
  • a system with minimal-contact system requirements,
  • a system that is sleek and discreet, and
  • a system that can be retrofit to your unique requirements.

Our system is ideal for businesses of all sizes

It’s ideal for commercial offices, factories, shopping centres, hospitality, recreational facilities, function venues, sporting facilities, in fact anywhere with a need for sanitary waste disposal unit. It also holds more sanitary waste than you’d expect, due to its sleek and efficient design considerations.

Carbon Footprint Accredited

Terracyclic sanitary units have been awarded Carbon Footprint accreditation for their design, lack of environmental impact and use of biodegradable additives.

Using ECM BioFilms additives

We integrate biodegradable additives from ECM BioFilms in our disposable sanitary units, making them safer for the environment.