A Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit with so many features and benefits

We believe that our ‘Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit’ offers an attractive alternative for both commercial and residential customers. This sanitary unit is simple to install and offers a uniquely replaceable and disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’ system. It’s also made from fully biodegradable plastic additives, making it the responsible environmental choice.

What makes this Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit the best commercial choice?

  • a system that is safe and efficient to service,
  • a system offered by Distributors World-wide,
  • a system that is environmentally friendly, and
  • a system that offers an attractive streamlined design.

A system that is safe and efficient to service

  • Our minimal-contact design protects both customers and service providers,
  • It reduces exposure to harmful bacteria including blood-borne pathogens,
  • It offers a uniquely replaceable and disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’ system that provides safe and efficient servicing.

A system offered by Distributors World-wide

We have Distributors in America, Asia, Europe and across the Pacific. Making our sanitary system available to all parts of the world. No matter how big or small your sanitary disposal solution needs to be, our unique system can help.

A system that is environmentally friendly

Our uniquely replaceable and disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’ cleverly integrates biodegradable additives into our plastics. Our compact design reduces the environmental impact of transportation and our Carbon Footprint Accreditation is evidence of our commitment to the environment.

A system with an attractive streamlined design

Our unique design qualities include; ease of installation, minimal contact requirements, a unique disposable ‘lid and cartridge’ as well as just looking good. Our streamlined design comes in a range of colours and sizes (and with the decreasing size of cubicles, our unit can fit in any size cubicle).

A system that is customisable to your requirements

Our Sanitary Waste Disposal Unit comes with a range of options that can be retrofitted to your exact requirements. We offer Base Plinths to enable a free-standing unit. Foot-pedals and Auto Sensors that open the lid without having to touch the unit. The list doesn’t stop there…

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