Gentle on the Environment

Our design team have successfully considered how to reduce the environmental impact of this unique sanitary waste disposal unit. Proudly making our product the responsible green choice for both commercial and residential customers.

Carbon Footprint accreditation

  • Clever packaging and design
  • Biodegradability

The compact outer cylinders can be transported in halves, and the inner disposable ‘lid and liner cartridges’ are stackable reducing the environmental impact of their transportation. As our ‘disposable’ cartridges don’t require cleaning, there no energy used—significantly reducing emissions. Unlike other sanitary units, no large cleaning trucks or facilities are required.

What makes our sanitary unit so green?

Our unique sanitary system and their disposable ‘lid and liner cartridge’ solution are made using totally biodegradable plastics and additives, developed by ECM BioFilms Inc. Conventional plastics break down very slowly, taking decades or even centuries. These biodegradable plastics have been designed to break down better and faster, providing a greener alternative.

Carbon Footprint accredited

Our sanitary system has been awarded with a ‘Carbon Footprint Accreditation’ for its design, lack of environmental impact and use of biodegradable additives.

Using ECM BioFilms plastics

Our unique sanitary waste disposal system uses the ECM BioFilms additive which are proven to be safer for the environment.

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