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Para ventas comerciales por favor contacta con uno de nuestros muchos distribuidores globales que estarán encantados de atenderte.

Sujeción autónoma

Nuestra opción de sujeción autónoma ofrece una solución fácil y rápida de instalar.

Soporte de pared

Our wall-mounted option offers a space saving solution that looks great and is easy to install.

Auto desodorización

Nuestros Cartuchos auto desodorizantes y antibacterianos con “tapa y bolsa” desechable hacen que el sistema sea seguro y fácil de usar para todos.

Mínimo Contacto

Minimal-contact system that protects users and cleaning staff.

Plásticos biodegradables

Biodegradable plastic components and deodorising chemicals that are safe for the environment.

Cartuchos desechables

Nuestro exclusivo sistema de Cartuchos con “tapa y bolsa” desechables hacen que los cambios sean más limpios, seguros y rápidos.

Our retrofitable outer bases come in two sizes; regular and small.The capacity of each container varies depending on the size you choose. Ranging from a capacity of 6.5 to 13 litres of sanitary waste products. The bases are made using ABS plastics so are strong, durable, and recyclable. They are freighted in halves enabling us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Using sleek design principles
The sanitary unit has been designed to fit into the smallest of spaces. It has also been designed to offer a contemporary look, that integrates perfectly into the modern bathroom and commercial washroom.

Easy to assemble
The bases are made in halves and simply clip together for installation. They can be either wall mounted or freestanding to suit your installation.

Colour options
The bases come in white, black and silver/grey to suit your decor.


These disposable cartridges include both the lid and the inner lining. The two items are bonded together during the manufacturing process, making the ‘lid and inner liner’ one component. When the cartridge is full or ready to be changed, you dispose of both the lid and the inner liner. This makes the process of cleaning and maintenance a lot faster and safer for the service provider.

Replacement Cartridges
All replacement cartridges include both lids and inner liner as one component.

Cartridge capacity
Our regular has a 13 litre capacity and our small has a 6.5 litre capacity.

Colour options
Our cartridges have been designed in colours allowing you to match the sanitary unit with the style of your washroom decor.

Disposable Cartridges

Our base plinths simply click into the bottom of our bases. Allowing the unit to become a free-standing sanitary waste disposal unit. Light weight and yet designed to be well balanced and stylish. Giving you the option to wall-mount or to provide a totally free-standing unit. The choice is entirely yours. These base plinths are supplied with a foot-pedal to enable this free-standing solution.

Colour options
Our base plinths have been designed in three colours allowing you to match the sanitary disposal unit with your bathroom decor.

Base Plinth

The TerraCyclic sanitary disposal unit offers the customer three ways to dispose of their sanitary waste;

  1. Using the foot-pedal method,
  2. Using the hands-free sensor method, and
  3. Using your fingers to open the lid.

These foot-pedals come in three colour options; white, black and silver/grey. They fit both our 13 litre and 6.5 litre bases, so the foot-pedal can be used to help achieve the solution that your customers are looking for. These foot-pedals are supplied with a base plinth to form a ‘free-standing’ sanitary solution.


Our sanitary unit auto sensors have been designed to totally eliminate the need for skin contact. The Sensor is connected to the cartridge lid by way of a small arm, one that opens the lid by simply placing your hand in-front of the Sensors. These rechargeable battery operated Sensors offer a state-of -the-art sanitary solution, that works for even the most discerning of customers.

Colour options
Our Auto Sensors have been designed in three colours allowing you to match the sanitary units Sensor with the colour option that suits your bathroom decor.

Auto Sensor

Depending on the space available, you may choose to wall-mount the sanitary unit to any wall, or door if necessary. Our systems have been designed to give you total flexibility. Wall-mounting is a fast and efficient process which enables the Unit to be safely off the floor and to become unobtrusive in even the smallest of washroom cubicles.

Colour options
Our Wall-mounts have been designed in three colours allowing you to match the sanitary units mounting system with the colour option that suits your bathroom decor.

Wall-mount option